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Fridman Sisters | Brazil | 2017 | 3:51 Portuguese with English Subtitles “Cruel” portrays the story of a girl dealing with her memories and the way she is able to free herself of her past. In a playful and metaphorical manner, we are taken through her memories, which are represented by objects and settings/ambients. Her… Read more »


Guichart Cecilia | Luxembourg | 2017 | 15:00 French with English Subtitles When her mother dies, Julie discovers that her father is not her real father. Her family references are shaken. She doesn’t know if she can still consider the person she thought was her father as such. Memories of her childhood are resurfacing. Troubled,… Read more »


Louis Minnaar | South Africa | 2018 | 24:42 Afrikaans with English Subtitles In the near future, an earth couple called Daniel and Eli find themselves in the furthest reaches of our galaxy. A life-threatening crisis onboard their spaceship forces them to confront difficult decisions and to re-evaluate their past and future. When an unexpected… Read more »


Gabriel Gallindo | Brazil | 2017 | 14:49 Portuguese with English Subtitles Most famous Brazilian Youtuber is kidnapped and forced to continue posting vídeos in captivity asking her fans to donate her ransom via a crowdfunding campaign. Cast Gabi Lopes Writer Gabriel Gallindo Rafaella Quintilio Producer Movie & Art Productions Turner Broadcasting System Latin America… Read more »

La Perla Blanca (Ingles)

Reyes Caballero | Spain | 2018 | 14:00 Spanish with English Subtitles Year 1900 – RUSSIA: Oxana (Pearl) a beautiful and rich heiress very young widow of a soldier, with a shoot of less than a month Lena (Elena) saddened by the loss of her beloved husband, takes refuge in finding PEACE in her faith,… Read more »


Toofan Nahanghodrati | Islamic Republic of Iran | 2018 | 20:00 Persian with English Subtitles Namber 20/Aliabadi / Normohamadi/ Enghelab/Tehran/Iran Cast Payam Ahmadi Niya Fahime Momeni Mehrdad Bakhshi Farhad Rahmanzade Writer Toofan Nahanghodrati Producer Toofan Nahanghodrati