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Spy High

Josh Minnie | United States | 00:12:19 | 2023 English Airline stewardess and spy Camille Towe must clear her name in this 1960’s thriller spoof. Cast Justin Wicker Sarah Seibold David Sperber Josh Minnie Koelen Andrews Writer Josh Minnie Producers Josh Minnie Justin Wicker

A Touch of Magic

Shane LeCocq | United States | 00:23:00 | 2023 English An elderly magician, in danger of losing his home to foreclosure and his wife to a debilitating stroke, gets a second chance at redemption with a last-minute act of bravery. Cast Lance E. Nichols Rhonda Johnson Dents Trina LaFargue Kermit Burns Writer Shane LeCocq Producer… Read more »

Checked Bags (Short)

Mark Cline | United States | 00:02:15 | 2023 English A combat veteran is traveling by a civilian airline. The airline now requires all passengers to check their emotional baggage before boarding any flight. After checking his bags, the man experiences the serenity of becoming unburdened by the guilt and trauma that he carries inside… Read more »

Hybrid Brad

Edward Borlenghi | United States | 00:30:00 | 2023 English An earthly and unearthly tale about an Alien named Rex who creates a hybrid son using a Human donor egg, and by the time he’s a teenager the son, Brad, wants to live on Earth. Brad has telekinetic and telepathic powers, and his telepathic connection… Read more »

The Legend of King Kang-Mi

Brian Ulrich | United States | 00:07:58 | 2023 Cast Nina Nevra Keoki Trask John Curtis Jaimes Timas Writer Brian Ulrich Producers Brian Ulrich Julianna Ulrich

The Life

Chi Fan Wang | Taiwan | 00:02:42 | 2023 English My thesis project is called The Life. It is a 2D animation with a sprinkling of 3D motion graphics and some VFX. The overall style is vivid, colorful, and full of courage. The story illustrates a young man’s search for the meaning of life, using… Read more »

Letters from an Immortal: Coffee shop

phillip mcconnell | United States | 00:03:30 | 2023 English A man imagines what it would be like to run into the love of his life again. Writer phillip mcconnell Producers phillip mcconnell scott glazer


Ramya Sivakumar | United States | 00:05:00 | 2023 English Trash follows a young woman on the day she plans to confess her love for her friend–from the whimsical fantasy she weaves in her heart and mind, to the abject disappointment when the reveal does not go as planned, to her final resolve to go… Read more »

Double-bogey Player Begins

Woojin Song | Korea, Republic of | 00:25:00 | 2023 Korean After three hit songs in the music industry, the once well-known composer Jjo, rose to the ranks of a promising composer, he was able to enjoy his own life with royalties and broadcasting income, such as occasional casting as a music director for a… Read more »

No Limits

Bill Aydelott | United States | 00:13:24 | 2023 English The Bart Adaptive Sports Center of Bromley, VT is celebrating 20 years of helping wounded military heroes and children with disabilities learn to ski. The inspiring story is told here by the vets, the kids and their grateful families. Producer Mason Daring