Big Hand Nick: First Assignment


Paul Stamas | United States | 00:25:00 | 2021

From people who love films comes a film that’s taken almost 20 years to make.

Big Hand Nick: First Assignment explores the origins of the film’s main protagonist Big Hand Nick. He is a complicated character not defined by being either good or bad, but perhaps just misunderstood.

While this film may be considered a short film, it will seem to play like a full feature. It will make you laugh and cheer.

Low budget, goofy, and maybe it doesn’t make sense at times. Like a train wreck, you can’t stop watching, but it will entertain.

Sit back and witness the beginning of something new with the ingredients of what came before mixed into the story.

Matthew Stamas

Paul Stamas
Kin Ming Yee
Jacob Buysse
Jon Skeens
Chris Schulz
Brian Schulz
Martin Blasczyk
Matthew Stamas
Ben Lopez
Nick Borovic
Katelyn Stamas

Paul Stamas

Paul Stamas
Kin Ming Yee
Matthew Stamas