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Views from the Airplane Window

Kit Reilly | New Zealand | 00:05:34 | 2022 Told through a lens of movement vignettes and no dialogue, this film explores a once real life relationship of a queer couple and the brief but meaningful moments of tenderness they shared. This project is part of the 9 part dance film series “Turbulent Kingdoms.” Cast… Read more »

The Caddy

Gabriel Beristain | United States | 00:14:37 | 2022 English, Spanish When an ambitious young Mexican diplomat loses his career and is reduced to caddying at a golf resort, he kidnaps an arrogant American businessman in a misguided attempt to buy his old life back, unprepared for the battle of wills that ensues. Cast Ron… Read more »

Lucifer Speaks from The “I AM” movie

Daniel Glaser | United States | 00:05:00 | 2022 English The opening scene from the film in development, “The I AM”. This opening scene is powerful musical retelling of the confrontation between Lucifer and Christ. YESHUAH (Jesus), alone enters a barren, desolate wilderness in 1st century Israel. He fasts for 40 days in this unforgiving… Read more »

The Dealer Smiles

Nathan Crowder | United States | 01:01:00 | 2022 English Matt Pierson is in the crosshairs of middle-age, struggling with divorce, loss and meaning in his life, when he meets a man who may not be quite what he seems. What follows is an often humorous romp through the serious issues of faith, suffering, miracles… Read more »

A Haircut for the Hina Doll

Minoru MIZOGUCHI | Japan | 00:29:50 | 2022 Japanese The man who is an assistant hairstylist makes an effort to keep his promise by cutting his first love’s hair as his first customer. But she has little time to live due to her severe illness. Cast Riku TANAKA Writer Minoru MIZOGUCHI Producer Tomoyuki SAGAWA Actress… Read more »

Mister Creep

Isaac Rodriguez | United States | 01:06:28 | 2022 English Three college students stumble upon a secret television broadcast of a deceased serial killer and search for its location. Cast Amber Solis Shaela Payne Ali AlKhafaji Brian Anderson Judy McMillan Marvin Ritchie Thomas Burke Writer Isaac Rodriguez Producer Cynthia Bergen Editor Isaac Rodriguez Sound Operator… Read more »

Not Just A Phase

Roslyn Campbell, Andre Lambertson | United States | 00:13:04 | 2022 English A mother tries to find her missing daughter after struggling to accept her for who she is. This is the final of three short films from Project ALY based on real life stories of parent who overcame their challenges accepting their LGBTQ children…. Read more »

Unexpectedly Expecting

Takayuki Kojima | Japan | 00:29:59 | 2022 Japanese Sako, 28, lives with his girlfriend Minami. One night, Sako is told by two women that they are pregnant with his child. One is Minami and the other is his friend Megu. However, his friend Tsuji also likes Megu and asks Sako to assist her. This… Read more »

Lost Angel – Ernest

Shihyun Wang | United States | 00:14:05 | 2022 English A talented writer suffered mental and emotional illness decided to end his misery. But was his life really miserable? What kind of messages did he sent to his family and the world? Cast Charles Denatale Roberto J Melgar Writer Shihyun Wang Producer Shihyun Wang

Beyond the Smoke

Randy Rock | United States | 01:37:22 | 2022 English Beyond the Smoke is a documentary taking a deep dive inside the lives of medical marijuana patients and the challenges they face daily. Topics discussed include laws and the gray areas within them, restrictions, stigma, stereotypes surrounding medical marijuana, and many more. Beyond the Smoke… Read more »