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On a terrace with views of the Sagrada Familia, Sophie explains to a couple of friends the story about when she went to visit her mom, who was living in a country house with four other women and undergoing chemeotherapy treatments. When she arrived, she encountered a strange group, because all of them had issues… Read more »


In a complex tale of interweaving relationships, a Greek gay immigrant in London explores the meaning of what it is to love and heal. Poised follows the story of Aris, an Occupational Therapist who carries the weight of a previous relationship gone wrong. Yet, a chance encounter with Richard seems to allow him the chance… Read more »

Stalin’s Dark Past

“Stalin’s dark past” documentary is shot based on real stories from archives. Bolsheviks of Stalin were gathering money from banks in Tbilisi, Baku, Baku’s oil millionaires each month, and the Nobel brothers were one of those millionaires. Stalin was captured by Tsardom guardians 7 times, he managed to run out of jail in Siberia. In… Read more »

Tin Soldiers

Robbed of movement as children, but not their courage, their love, their hope … Tin Soldiers shines a light on the victims of a debilitating disease, the hunt to find a cure, and the search for those still locked in darkness. Tin Soldiers is the deeply personal story of people afflicted with one of the… Read more »

Fixing Grandma

Dr. Anders J. Cohen and 83 year old African American patient Barbara Y. Williams embark on a journey into a case of minimally invasive spine surgery in Brooklyn, NY. This sparks a deeper look in the disparity between the black community and medicine.

Department 666

A recently deceased man discovers that the afterlife isn’t quite what he was expecting.

The Wisdom Tooth

The malaise of a generation told through the existential crisis and sexual experiences of a young New Yorker stricken with a deadly disease. Dash is a 23-yr-old New Yorker green out of college. He’s on the verge of launching his own startup, but all his aspirations and drive go out the window after a Lymphoma diagnosis. Naive… Read more »

The Perfect Crime

John and Rachel find themselves in a very bad situation on the day she was planing to introduce him to her family when they accidentally hit a person and are torn on what to do whit the body.

Swimming Upstream

This music video is for M. West’s track “Swimming Upstream” from his new CD “Still Life’s Allusions” (available on all platforms) Sometimes life may be perceived as a test in determination and tenacity and is played out in our dreams.

Powersolo – Lonely Gal

A Horror Music Video with a Social Comment