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Small Town Remedies

R.W. Perkins | United States | 01:35:55 | 2020 English Small Town Remedies is a dramatic comedy about siblings, Lita and Evan, who are forced to put their troubled personal lives on hold to help their alcoholic mother through a relapse. Eventually, Lita and Evan are compelled to deal with their own possible addictions, as… Read more »

Too Good to be Forgotten

Andy Bystrom | United States | 00:19:59 | 2020 English On May 29, 2020 this movie was updated and increased by 11 minutes, to a total length of just short of 20 minutes. The Movie Too Good to be Forgotten is a personal Navy Documentary on World War II and Korean War Patrol Craft Sailors…. Read more »

The Song of the Sea

Pierre-André Le Leuch | France | 01:15:35 | 2020 English, French, Welsh In a small town of the Celtic coast, an old legend is haunting the inhabitants. Young men disappear at sea. Is it the devil’s work ? Or an evil creature’s from the ancient world ? Leon and his friends decide to investigate, even… Read more »


Andrew Krakower | Nepal | 00:14:50 | 2020 Nepali, Tibetan The money earned by 11-year-olds Sonam and Tashi for doing prayers is only enough to share one small Coke. Sonam is lucky to even get a sip before Tashi, the monastery bully, drinks the entire bottle. Yarne is an annual six-week period when Buddhist monks… Read more »

Circle of Stone

Mark Andrews | United States | 00:19:29 | 2020 English When rural cops respond to a call for help from one of their own, their search through the woods reveals what happened to a young girl stolen away sixty years before. They find themselves stuck in a supernatural world with their only escape to fight… Read more »

The Velvet Abstract

James Hughes | United Kingdom | 00:06:21 | 2020 English A Short Film About the Environmental Age from a Team Spanning Six Continents. Cast Tobias Menzies Writer James Hughes Producer James Hughes Composer Jean-Pascal Beintus Editor Patrick J Don Vito

Of Children and Wine

Francisco C Torres | United States | 00:11:07 | 2020 English Archie has known the secret to grapes and children all his life as he nurtures both with a delicate hand and open mind. Dementia has slowly been taking Archie’s thoughts, bringing worry to his wife and daughter but drawn to the unseeing children in… Read more »


Wylie Rush | United States | 00:06:24 | 2020 English It’s after midnight, and two women are about to give an unsuspecting man a night he’ll never forget… Cast Jessie Gill Jackie Abbott Jayson Wesley Zane Haney Writers Wylie Rush Zoe Curzi Luca Rojas Jackie Abbott Producer Wylie Rush


Timothy David Orme | United States | 00:04:10 | 2020 English A figure tries to turn into a tree again and again.

Apollo 11: A Trip to the Moon

Clayton Foy Udd | United States | 00:22:19 | 2020 English An animated re-enactment of the mission that first put man on the Moon on July 20th, 1969. Cast Neil Armstrong (Voice) Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin (Voice) Michael Collins (Voice) Charlie Duke (Voice) Bruce McCandless II (Voice) Writer Clayton Foy Udd Producer Clayton Foy Udd WATCH… Read more »