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Whitney St Ours | United States | 00:08:52 | 2021 English Alone on her birthday, Christine searches the internet for connection. Cast Rachel Marsh Whitney St Ours Ari Wojciech Writers Rachel Marsh Whitney St. Ours Producers Rachel Marsh Whitney St. Ours

There’s A Method to My Madness

Liberty Novoselac | United States | 00:14:01 | 2021 A young woman attends a method acting class to improve her acting skills. Her teacher challenges her to give an amazing performance but also pushes her to the brink of insanity. Cast Alexis Poole Bakari Brown Ainsley Lederfind Solomon Debreaux Jeremiah Hopkins Savannah Dover David Cabe… Read more »

La amable euforia de la danza

Miguel Castanet | United States | 00:48:32 | 2021 English, Spanish Man is a victim of his circumstances, a man who is forced to flee his country, a victim of a communist regime for being an artist and homosexual, a man who has to adapt and survive a new culture and language and who fights… Read more »

Self-Driving Cars

Dean Mermell | United States | 00:02:07 | 2021 English A man rants about why he’s against self-driving cars. Cast Denzil Meyers Writer Denzil Meyers Producer Dean Mermell

Back Then

Hernán Velit | Peru | 00:15:00 | 2021 Spanish Lucia and Jorge, both in their forties, divorced and with one child each, had sex 5 months ago. One afternoon, in bed, they have for the first time a conversation about who are they and where they come from. Cast Denise Arregui Eduardo Camino Writer Hernán… Read more »

Vampires for Christ

Mark Mceachran | United States | 00:16:12 | 2021 English The Vampire sub-culture is mobbing communion services, because someone gave them a communion challenge. Cast Dave Frisco Maria Dimech Bonnie Newman Robin Mudge Writer Aaron Trudgeon Producer Aaron Trudgeon

the game just got real

bellopropello | Switzerland | 00:01:00 | 2021 No Dialogue dogs and humans want to play. or not? Writer bellopropello Producer bellopropello


Leclercq David | Belgium | 00:20:00 | 2021 An old guy works into the same office, everyday. But one day, a young colleague arrives and puts his world upside down. Cast Michel Carcan Othmane Moumen Writers Othmane Moumen David Leclercq Producer Vincent Tavier

Down The Rabbit Hole

Yasser Nabil | United States | 00:13:08 | 2021 English A QAnon Insurrectionist breaks into Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi’s office during the January 6, 2021 Insurrection at the Capitol Building. His delusional belief that he is saving America by winning back the presidency of Donald Trump conflicts with his emotional phone conversations with… Read more »

Sinking Ships

Andreas Kessler | Germany | 00:21:25 | 2021 Germany Sara endured many years in a relationship full of control and violence. As she and her family go on vacation, an opportunity to break away suddenly presents itself. Cast Helena Hentschel Emil Hugo Wipfler Adrian Zwicker Writer Stephan Kämpf Producers Max Breuer Lukas Lankisch