Bimbizangan Short Movie: The Musical


Dr. Rayner Henry Pailus | Malaysia | 00:39:39 | 2022

Bimbizangan means “Butterfly” in the Kadazan language, a First Nation community, for the state of Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. It represents a girl or a crush. In this movie Tracie is heart broken from the actions of her boyfriend Carl whom many thought had cheated on Tracie. This leads to Tracie becoming a “bimbizangan” to new friend Ronald. Hazel is also a “bimbizangan” for Ronald and everyone is living in a small community of a village called Kohizan where Ronald’s mother has a family run business of making distilled rice wine called “Talak” in the Kadazan language; while Tracie’s dad love to sip this traditional concoction made by her. Hazel always supported Ronald’s dream even though his new crush is Tracie and Tracie seems to be forever in love with Carl no matter what people say about Carl. Will Carl’s dream of marrying Tracie comes true in the end?

Tracie Sinidol

Francis Sylvester Maluda

Richard Simon Punai