Estes Tarver | United States | 2015 | 1 h 29 m

Changeover is the story of a teenage girl, Haley Thompson (17) and her Uncle Chad, a tennis pro, who come together through a tragedy (the death of her parents). They must learn to form a new family and battle the obstacles of PTSD, moving on from the death of their family members, and forgiving each other for their flaws as humans. It is a hopeful movie with a positive look at teen mental health issues and coping mechanisms. It dives into the world of self-inflicted cutting and teen suicide. How do we move on from the Ultimate tragedy. How do we leave behind the things we love in order to survive?

Estes Tarver as Chad Thompson
Madeline Taylor as Haley Thompson
Alex ter Avest as Sooze
Andre Gower as Michael
Carter Godwin as Carter Thompson