Wesley Shrum | Kenya | 2017 | 11:37
English, Swahili with English Subtitles

Illicit brewers, greedy landlords, and cheating recipients of aid. Chick takes up the challenges of a young American woman who starts a self-help group for disabled persons. In the Kenyan context, where a hundred years of missionary work has led some to “wait for donations from America” even the simple task of building a chicken house is tricky. Their group development is shown in a weekly meeting beset with both frustration and success. How do you give, without giving? Where gifts have multiple meanings, generosity must be redefined.

Haley Williams
Judy Mcomollo
Mackenzie Fly
Andrea Romero
Catherine Kabuthia
John Macharia

Wesley Shrum
Matthew Harsh
Mark Schafer
Susan Arnold