Daughter of the Revolution


Tunde Talas | Hungary | 2017 | 57:13
Hungarian with English Subtitles


The documentary is the story of a child witness of the tragic 1956 Hungarian Revolution who emigrated with his family after the defeat of the revolution, and as an adult, the child witness had become an award-winning translator. 60 years after the revolution Peter Hargitai travels back to Hungary with his adult son to recover his past. The visit evokes the then 9-year-old’s memories of the revolution in the maelstrom of death and violence. In the ensuing 60 years builds bridges between the Hungarian and English language, between people and the two cultures. Peter Hargitai wrote his novel DAUGHTER OF THE REVOLUTION for its 50th anniversary not only to rid himself of his demons but, above all, to pay tribute to the brave schoolgirls, some as young as 14, who had taken their fight for freedom to the streets of Budapest. But his is also a story of a refugee who finds humanity beyond borders and nationality. Under the direction of Tünde Tálas scenes from the author’s book are animated and weaved into the narrative to bring the events in Peter Hargitai’s novel to life. Her film, structurally innovative, enriched by original scores and informed by historical and personal motifs, maintains its artful balance. The lessons from the students of Budapest are both timely and timeless.

Peter Hargitai

Tunde Talas

Laszlo Kantor