Do You Like Peacocks?


Mary Clay Fields | United States | 2017 | 29:23


In a non-descript studio by the railroad tracks in small-town Irondale, Alabama, a group of adults with autism and their dedicated instructors convene every day to make art. In “Do You Like Peacocks?” we get to know the unique personalities behind the “mask” of autism as the group works towards its annual benefit auction, which not only sustains the organization but also provides income and esteem for the artists themselves. The images these artists create are stunning in their attention to detail and beautiful in their innocence and originality, much like the individuals behind the work. The film reveals the artists’ distinct abilities and behaviors as their art draws us into a world apart, yet one that can connect to “normal” society. These artists have largely been excluded from that world. Many have led difficult lives that include being institutionalized, ignored or dismissed. “Do You Like Peacocks?” gives its audience a moving glimpse into a realm full of possibility and a new understanding of what it means to have autism.

Michael Moore
Michael Hall
Linda Cooper
Ines Orihuela

Frederic Rendina

Mary Clay Fields
Louise Washer
Karen Balliet