Dracula On Holiday


Robbie Moffat | United Kingdom | 01:30:00 | 2021

Travelling from Transylvania to Scotland by train, the Count’s companion Lucy and their man servant Renfield manage to surprise the Count with accommodation in a humble dwelling that is very different to his usual habitation at Borgo Castle. They try and help him step out of the past and into the twenty first century. They hope of get him over his many fears – sunlight, crosses, bibles, running water, garlic, food and drink.

As the holiday progresses they meet Flora Goddaming, the daughter of the local undertaker. Learning from the child about their new surroundings, the Count begins to find life again until his estranged wife Elizabeta shows up to ruin his new self and threatens to ruin everything for the him and Lucy.

Ed Ward
Suzanne Kendall
Chris Bearne
Edith Glad
Joe Rainbow

Robbie Moffat

Robbie Moffat
Rachael Sutherland