Thiago Micalopulos | United States | 2017 | 5:41

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“FEARLESS takes place in ancient Peloponnese times, thousands of years ago, a lawless place forging tough individuals.

A child’s desolation moment, excitement turns into sorrow, heartbreak in her eyes.

Night time, a gigantic man is about to get ambushed by a smaller hooded figure in the middle of a torch-lit road . On top of a hill in the background we see two fellas gathered under the branches of a century old tree. The cloaked vigilante taunts the big guy but soon enough the ambushed gigantic man becomes the menace, in a swift move revealing the hooded vigilante’s identity.
Her eyes seem familiar. Tenacity only matched by coldness in face of such beast.

A young girl’s tale keeps intertwining as their violent clash unfolds, piecing the mystery together and revealing what could be the real motivation for this definite encounter.

Before it’s all over, sadness takes over as the little girl finds motive for redemption later in life.

Some things are not meant to be kept buried.

FEARLESS is a five-minute-long computer-animated flick by Thiago Micalopulos and Carolina Romano with original score by Jeremy Flinders. Additional sound and music by Thiago Micalopulos. The three together are also known as FEYRAY, an independent animation studio.

Thiago Micalopulos
Carolina Romano

Thiago Micalopulos
Carolina Romano