History Is Disappearing Right Here


Chao Xue | China | 2017 | 12:06

Chinese with English Subtitles

Nowadays, with the development of urbanization, the triple contradictions of commercial interests, livelihood, and relics preservation have become increasingly acute. In seeking the balance between commercial interests and livelihood, history is ignored. History serves to be the memory of a nation. No memory, no future. However, we still haven’t found the way to tackle the seeming conflict between the development of a city and relics preservation. Urbanization has greatly changed the lives of common people but also brought about social conflicts, hope, hesitation, indignation, and helplessness. People survive in silence. Their voice is buried in the giant extractor boom. What attitude is held about the history and what spiritual and material wealth we leave to the future generation is an issue requiring deep thought.

Xinxin Li, Liyan Peng