It’s Not Your Car


MARK, a young man in his twenties, visits a junkyard with his older brother, JOHNNY, to find a replacement mirror for his car. While searching, Mark starts to experience gruesome visions of people killed in the cars there.

Johnny finds Mark staring at the driver’s seat of an empty car. Mark asks Johnny if he can see the dead people inside the cars. Johnny asks Mark what’s going on. Mark tells him he’s not been the same since their parents died. Johnny plays down Mark’s experience and tells him they’ll get the mirror and go.

Mark goes to get a screwdriver but is confronted by a bloody old man who grabs his arm telling him “It’s not your car!” The old man berates Mark, rushing him and forcing him to the ground. He stands over Mark, screaming. Mark loses consciousness.

Johnny finds Mark, unconscious on the floor. He rushes to help Mark and brings him around. Mark assures him he’s fine. They go back to the car, take the mirror and go. They leave the wires that connected to the mirror to the car hanging out of the door. Something snatches the wires inside the car.

Mark is driving along the road with the new mirror attached to the car. He comes up behind a driver crawling along at a snail’s pace. A car’s horn sounds behind Mark. He checks his mirror and sees a car impatiently trying to round him. Mark turns his attention back to the road. The car in front has stopped. Mark slams on his brakes and skids off the road. He swerves and manages to bring the car to a safe stop.

Mark is shaken but regains his composure. He checks his mirror and sees the road is clear. He drives onto the road and is immediately hit and killed by an oncoming car.

Back at the junkyard a man and his daughter look around at the cars. They approach a car with a broken mirror. As they move past, the mirror’s cracks disappear one by one, until the mirror is fully formed again.