Last Year at the Crossing


Kathy Bruner | United States | 2017 | 1:15:57


An alternative school in small-town Indiana is the last, best chance for struggling teens to earn a high school diploma. For Devin, Hannah, Zariah and Keegan, just getting an education has been an uphill battle. All four fell through the cracks of the public school system.

In her first feature length documentary, director Kathy Bruner follows the teens and their school administrator, Roger, as they attend the Marion Crossing Educational Center. Using a cinema verite approach, Bruner observes the staff trying to overcome the students€™ biggest obstacles with counseling, empathy and job skills.
Last Year at the Crossing is a snapshot of life in the American heartland, where many people are living in survival mode.”

Roger Younce
Zariah Porter
Keegan Mills
Hannah Mettert
Devin Hall

Kathy Bruner

Kathy Bruner
Elyse Horb