Miss You, Dad


Neera Zaveri | United States | 00:14:48 | 2021


After the death of her father, Ava processes the memories of her seemingly perfect childhood, struggling to come to terms with her parents’ role in destroying her innocence.


This short film follows the life of Ava, who carries with her the memories of a picture perfect suburban childhood as part of a loving family. Her father in particular always loved her deeply, taking her to school, joking around, complimenting her, caring for her. They were close.

As Ava discovers his death, she approaches his funeral with complex feelings. Here, she begins vividly recalling a series of memories with her father. The two of them spending so much time alone, her mother permitting it. She can’t shake the memories—he abused her. She knows this, she’s processed it to a degree.

But the real question is what did her mother know and when?

Today after 15 years, Ava has arrived to confront her abusers. Both of them. On the road to this funeral her childhood flashes back in her mind which has become a dreadful reality for her. She goes through series of emotions filled with pleasant and distressing memories. When it’s the time she faces her mother after a long, her reaction is a reflection of what she has been through all along.

Annee Agnello
Kathryn Anne-Marie
Byron Clohessy
Sandra Leclercq

Neera Zaveri

Neera Zaveri