Nano Alvarado | United States | 00:23:40 | 2022
English, Spanish

A Hispanic American has bitten off more than he can chew in a paid arranged marriage for US Citizenship with a Mexican Beauty as she is the daughter of a Mexican drug lord.

After discovering that a Mexican girl was willing to pay $200k to marry someone for US Citizenship, Vidal jumps at the opportunity to get some quick cash to give him some status. He later discovers she’s the daughter o a Mexican drug lord and now is in too deep and he’s spent most of the initial cash that they gave him. Not knowing what to do, he either rides this out or tries to get out but once you deal with drug lords, there’s no getting out.

Vanessa Tamayo
Donovan Velez
Mitch Lemos
Favian Calleja
Emmanuel Okeke

Nano Alvarado

Shynell Formey