Path of Dreams


Tamara Ruppart | 2018 | 24:58
Japanese with English Subtitles

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In poetic Japan, Ono no Komachi, a beautiful poetess, strikes a tantalizing bargain with Shosho, a charming and eager suitor. If he comes to write poetry with her for 99 nights, she says they will have the possibility of creating a love more beautiful than poetry. Only on the 99th night, will she take him as her lover.

For 98 nights, Shosho and Komachi journey through poetry and love, each anticipating the 99th night, when their passions will be acknowledged and consummated.

On the 99th night, Komachi joyfully waits for her lover. In Shosho’s haste to get to Komachi, his horse stumbles and he is tragically thrown to his death. After disappointment, anger, and finally heartbreak settle onto Komachi’s heart, a sense of mystery and wonder waft over her. In her grief, she knows she will carry Shosho and her love for him with her each night as she walks her path of dreams.

Airi Kido
TJ Kayama

Velina Hasu Houston

Tamara Ruppart
Brad Browe
Cat Youell