Polar Tour


Dustin McGladrey | Canada | 00:04:30 | 2019

Three university friends embark on an adventure they hope never to forget. They choose an exotic location in the Arctic to go polar bear seeing for their Spring Break. In the middle of their first tour, the engine of the rover breaks down. Now isolated and freezing in the dark, they wait for rescue. With their morale at a real low, their isolation ends with a chilling spring polar bear experience they did not plan for.

Delphine Menu
Matt Paynter
Elizabeth Potskin
Crow Billy

Dustin McGladrey

Dustin McGladrey
Courteney Morin
Indigenous Independent Digital Filmmaking Program

Director of Photography
Christian Wilson-Brown

Art Director
Charlene Parsons

Special Effects
Daniel Brown
Courteney Morin

1st Assistant Director
Tyler Baker

Location Sound
Esteban Manuel
Jon Soto

Camera Department
Mike Nichol
John Spink