Return of the Hat


Alec Birkbeck, Joe Irving 1st AD | United Kingdom | 2016 | 10 m 29 s

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For years this flat-cap has enjoyed its position atop the mannequin, in perfect view of the old television in the charity shop. Every night it watches and re-watches its favourite old VHS films with its long time companion, the silk scarf.  When the flat-cap or scarf are bought by someone, they must kill them to eventually be returned to the shop again, as a donation. What better way to kill people then to emulate their favourite characters in the films they watch. Once they have returned to the mannequin,  the suspicious shop assistant endangers  their cinematic experience by threatening to move the mannequin to face the elderly ladies wear section. They cannot let this happen.

Cathy Breeze
Daz Kaye
John Barber
Azz Mohammed
Denise Cooke
Jorge Diaz