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Jalaladdin Gasimov | Azerbaijan | 2018 | 1:28:00
Azerbaijani, English with English

“At the beginning of the 19th century, Germans from Europe and Germany moved to Azerbaijan. Their role in the history of Azerbaijan was outstanding. For example, while people were lighting a candle in Tsardom of Russia, Azerbaijanis were using electric lamps owing to Germans. Furthermore, they brought the first railway, asphalt, and telegraph to Azerbaijan as well. But during World War II 22841 Germans were exiled to Kazakhstan and Siberia. One of these families was the Shollers. Sholler gave her granddaughter who was 6 months old to an Azerbaijani family due to the harshness of conditions of exile. We-SSP Production has shot a feature movie about this girl’s life and German’s culture.
This movie is distinctive because this movie includes stories that have never been told before and demonstrates landscapes that have never been shot before.”

Ajdar Zeynalov
Shirzad Pirallahi
Sabir Mammadov
Rovshan Karimdukt
Ramiz Valiyev

Jalaladdin Gasimov

Rahima Gasimova