The Beautiful Ya’an


Wen Tian | Colombia | 2016 | 17 m 22 s

The Beautiful Ya’an Ya’an, located in southwestern China, is a magnificent charming city. However, because of its steep topography and remote location, very few people go there. Ya’an is China’s important national passageway and the only way to Tibet. Known as the Gateway to Tibet, Ya’an is the junction and transition zone of Chinese Han nationality and Tibetan, Yi and Qiang minority. It is mystical, magical and beautiful. Ya’an is the source of panda home, the place where the world’s first panda is found. Now, it is China’s largest panda nature reserve, known as the Panda Home. Steep topography and tough road make Ya’an’s shooting conditions very hard. There are many high mountains and lofty hills, and even no road in some places. We all film crew members often risk their lives in shooting this film at dangerous rock edge. The mysterious Tibetan villages and snow mountains in Ya’an stand at the altitude of over 4,000 meters, we crew have to bear the pain caused by altitude sickness in order to complete filming. The film shows a mystical, magical, holy and magnificent Ya’an. It will present the world a remote area and wonderful scenery.