The Cape


Andrew Olson | United States | 2018 | 13:25

For eleven happy years Kara was fiery and independent, leaping over tall couches, jumping off the dock, and best of all reading comic books with her Dad, especially her favorite – The Scarlet Raven, a Golden Age Heroine. Now, on her first Summer Vacation to Cape Cod after losing her father, Kara finds a gift from yesteryear in a magical kite shop – an authentic Scarlet Raven Cape, just like the ads in the back of the comics from when her Dad was a boy.

Unfortunately, The Cape is priced as if it really could let you fly! Now Kara will have to decide how far she’s willing to go to find out if the magic is real, and how special a true friend can be. The Cape is an inspirational journey of love, loss, friendship and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of magic.

Skylar Brunk
Marybeth Paul
Jeremy Lloyd
Andrew Olson

Andrew Olson

Jacob W. Gilbert
Andrew Olson