THE DARK AHEAD (Il Buio Davanti)


Tobia Berti | Italy | 00:21:30 | 2023

Lisa is a young girl who has been blind since childhood during the murder of her mother at the hands of her alcoholic father. Hired at a local radio station as a pink quota, she runs an investigative podcast amid general distrust and becomes increasingly successful through the investigations she turns to the recent string of disappearances, in which only women are involved. The disappearance of the radio station director’s wife will trigger a series of unexpected situations, resulting in an entirely unpredictable denouement…

Roberta Barbiero
Chistian Renzicchi
Martina Sosio
Valerio Mazzucato
Enrico Casagrande Corradini
Debora Di Paola
Paolo C. Kalzavara

Tobia Berti
Fabrizio Capigatti
Anna Dell’Aquila
Giacomo Masut

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