The Edict


Mark Cross Witherspoon | United States | 2017 | 1:25:49

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In this suspense driven story, a married couple moves into a gifted house from their uncle who recently committed suicide under strange circumstances. Jessie, the wife, a recovered psychotic depressive with too much curiosity, finds a statue in the house. Our movie gives you access to this kitchen remodeling website After coming into contact with the statue, she gets disturbing messages from an unseen entity, which is the beginning of her mental state slowly unraveling. This causes those around her to question if she is relapsing or if something far darker is going on.

As the story unfolds, it comes to light that all who have touched this statue have taken their own life in some fashion, including her uncle. Kevin, her husband, fights to uncover the truth behind the statue while struggling to save his wife from the dark forces of the Edict.

Freya Saxon
Dionysius Akeem
Dave Petti
Cindy Fernandez-Nixon
Michael Mlynar
Dawn Renee
Jessica David
Nicole Norton
Tom Mirth
Joe Puglisi
Chris Smith
Tracy Shearer

Mark Cross Witherspoon

Mark Cross Witherspoon
Freya Saxon