The Immortalized Moment


Shu Zhang | France | 2017 | 17:10
French with English Subtitles

Daniel and Maddy used to work as war photographers. They fell in love because of the same ambitions. But Maddy quitted her career while Daniel still continues. Recently Maddy finds Daniel behaves strangely after he came back from Iraq. He avoids their conversations deliberately and often goes out without telling Maddy. Maddy suspects Daniel has an affair. She decides to find out when she is on a business trip. She sets an alarm clock gone off at 2 a.m. to see if Daniel is at home when she is on a trip. Surprisingly, Maddy finds that Daniel has no clues of the alarm. He must cheat on her.

Jennifer Brigant
Peter Myller
Longmon Wang

Shu Zhang

Shu Zhang
Zhen Qiao