Deb Lacusta | United States | 01:18:00 | 2022

1940s Los Angeles. A place where the sun shines too bright, the rain falls too hard, and Jewish detective and caterer Marlowe Phillips gets more than he bargained for as he sets out to solve the case of the missing Fishfeld – coming up against femme fatales, the Polish Mob, murder, and his own demons. He finds himself battling feelings of being trapped and isolated – from his past in a German POW camp to an impending marriage to his long-suffering secretary. When classic noir collides with the remote technology and green screen of these socially-distanced times, the result is this deadpan homage to “Lady in the Lake” — all shot from the Detective’s POV. And all shot during the worst days of the pandemic — with each actor isolated — yet pushing the boundaries of zoom, editing, art direction, and comedy, to create a seamless noir that could only be made in these Covid times.

Dan Castellaneta

Jonathan Stark
Julie Brown
Dan Castellaneta
Lance Kinsey
Meagen Fay

Deb Lacusta
Dan Castellaneta

Deb Lacusta