The Nude Model


Charlotte Bydwell | United States | 15:32

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While posing for a group of male artists at their weekly drawing session, a female figure model becomes the silent audience to their deeply misguided man-to-man musings. What should be a peaceful few hours of art-making turns into a highly inappropriate roundtable discussion of epic proportions. The aftermaths of childbirth, the number of hot Jennifers in Hollywood and the model’s very own cellulite all get a mention as they sketch the hours away… oblivious to the discrepancy between the sensitivity of their brushwork and the crudeness of their thinking.

The film features actress and creator, Charlotte Bydwell, in all the roles — shifting from the overly demure young model to each of the wildly offensive men and back again. By taking on the unusual challenge of featuring a single actor, the film blurs the line between the male perpetrators and their female victim. Using heightened theatricality, it raises real issues of power dynamics, social graces and sensitivity towards members of the opposite sex. It also asks us to think about the nature of artistic talent and what can be forgiven in the artists we admire. In the end, no one takes a major leap towards radical transformation, but both parties take a small step towards increased understanding, empathy and respect.

Charlotte Bydwell

Charlotte Bydwell

Charlotte Bydwell
Ron W. Black
Gregory Accetta
F. Daniel Penrod IV
Kristen Troyansky