To The Boss, Immediately


Music vid in allusion to Bruce Springsteen’s song: Streets of Fire

When you walk down
Meet your eye-lids on the floor
Staring at a clown
Who says:
“It’s you I am looking for!”
And you are watching
The signs at the bowl (to)
Dip red
And the wall cracks
And the pieces of your dream become a small line
And, Baby, I am no liar,
I’ve walked
Streets of fire

I was wandering
A tremble down these tracks
But I’ve learned dying
Now I won’t go back
‘Cause when the earth quakes
I shout:
“It’s me
I know I am alive
And I’ve realized
How they tear life this time:
They cut your roots off
To leave you in pain!”

I’ve lived then
In the small heart of a stranger
I’ve left then
The small heart of a stranger
To be laid up with
An angel’s opened chest

And it blew me out of space and time
To hear a
Loving pound

I won’t go blind, anymore