You’ll Love My Friends


Ryan Shuler | United States | 00:07:16 | 2023

You’ll Love My Friends is the third horror short film written and directed by Ryan Shuler. In the story we follow Frankie (Taylor Carpenter), a young twenty something getting ready to meet their boyfriend’s friends downstairs. Issues arise however when it’s time to leave the bedroom. Frankie is haunted by the overwhelming voices of the faceless strangers, while an empty hallway leading to a staircase lingers behind them. Unsure of whether it’s safe to leave the bedroom or not, Frankie’s dilemma suffocates them. They’re confined to the bed until their boyfriend arrives at the doorway. He comforts them and Frankie pretends to be okay. This interaction only slightly pushes them closer to the staircase, however one of the friends escalates Frankie’s insecurities when he mocks them from the other end of the hall. Now motivated by anger, Frankie makes their way to the vanity on the other side of the bed. Frankie begins to “get ready”. Now ready to face the crowd, Frankie sits at the vanity crying. With their head hanging low, they hear a noise. Something grows closer. They now know it’s time to go downstairs.

You’ll Love My Friends stars Taylor Carpenter, Jack Slembarski, Alyssa Iucolino, Kyle Shuler and Angela Shuler. The short was uploaded as a part of the Shuler Youtube channel, a series of unconnected horror short films often pointed at dissecting common fears of the modern day. As of September 2023, You’ll Love My Friends is the most recent short horror film from Shuler.

Taylor Carpenter
Jack Slembarski
Alyssa Iucolino
Kyle Shuler
Angela Shuler

Ryan Shuler

Jack Slembarski