Beneath the Skin Deep


Neil Hunt | United Kingdom | 2016 | 8:53

How many sick people does your GP see each day? Ever wondered how the doctor feels? Ever thought to ask them? Maybe they endure similar amounts of pain and anguish as anyone else who walks through their door but they cann’t show it. They are trained to display sympathy and understanding and never to cross the patient-doctor border. Set up as a live TV broadcast where the camera is the doctor’s priest and the audience his confessor a General Practitioner attempts to open his heart and step beyond the lines blurring the roles of the carer and cared for. The television crew is oblivious of who or what he is except that he has a scheduled time slot and shouldn’t be allowed to either move out of place or overrun.

A dark comedy leaking pathos and loneliness while exploring how a person’s inner feelings become pigeonholed and finding flight with words impossible

Vaughan Douglas Capstick

Vaughan Douglas Capstick

Vaughan Douglas Capstick
Neil Hunt