Experimental cinema or avant-garde cinema is a mode of filmmaking that rigorously re-evaluates cinematic conventions and explores non-narrative forms and alternatives to traditional narratives or methods of working.

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The English film title, original title, country of origin and production year are listed. Foreign-language films are subtitled in English.

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Human Savagery

Jeremy Bible | United States | 55:24 | 2019 “Human Savagery” pairs Bible’s powerful & moving, symphonic ambient compositions with his vivid ultra-HD aerial cinematography – which contrast the alien beauty of untouched mountains and desert landscapes with the chemical violence of EPA Superfund sites ravaged by industry. Bible has visited sites across the United… Read more »

A Crescent of Dreamers

Abir Hasan | United States | 2019 | 4:20 “Mother” – Most loving word in this world. Irrespective of the age, everyone loves their mother from the bottom of the heart. In the later age of life, an older person was remembering his childhood times spent with his mother after watching his grandson and daughter’s… Read more »

Who’s With Me

Darryl Dillard | United States | 2017 | 4:30 Multi medium spoken work video (with music and imagery) Cast Darryl Dillard Writer Darryl Dillard Producer Nick Marrinson Tadas Staponavicious

Strange (Vieras)

Mox Mäkelä | Finland | 2018 | 1:51:00 Finnish with English Subtitles Website The “Strange” will enter a house of the human world, with the prize halls and tableware supported by the masses. The guest movie “Strange” is a form of an exceptional story about the visit, the motives of the reception and the destiny… Read more »

We Were Hardly More Than Children

Cecelia Condit | United States | 2019 | 8:45 Website “We Were Hardly More Than Children” tells an epic tale of an illegal abortion as lived by two friends on a frightful journey through a world that has little concern for their survival. Cast Flora Coker Cecelia Condit Writer Cecelia Condit Producer Cecelia Condit


Jenna Cornell | United States | 2017 | 1:26 Website | Facebook Language has power. It has the power to uplift or bring down. It also has the power to change the world. Words emphasizes the expansive power of language and its impact on all that use it. Cast Jenna Cornell, voice Writer Jenna Cornell… Read more »

We Are The Same

Elena Garcia | Mexico | 2019 | 2:06 We Are The Same is a manifesto about equality that tells the story of several characters with very different appearances, but with one thing in common: recognizing themselves as human beings. Writer Elena Garcia Producer Elena Garcia

Gravity Well

Jadi Carboni | Germany | 2019 | 11:19 Website A dive into time and space. Strings of gravity vibrate at different frequencies. In history, the tragedy of our bodies, of lost human worth is revealed. Fragments and entrails of the body, victims of the ego’s greed, in a circle of survival and survivors. The skin… Read more »

The Witness

Kenneth Vigil, Anthonee Smith | United States | 11:52 A detective finds himself immersed into locating a missing girl. Writer Anthonee Smith Producer Longbox Productions

In An Empty Wood

Chia-Hsin Lee | United States | 2018 | 2:36 This is a poetic animation film on the jealousy of seeing someone succeed in a path you once considered. Cast Hao Feng Writer Chia-Hsin Lee