Experimental cinema or avant-garde cinema is a mode of filmmaking that rigorously re-evaluates cinematic conventions and explores non-narrative forms and alternatives to traditional narratives or methods of working.

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The English film title, original title, country of origin and production year are listed. Foreign-language films are subtitled in English.

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I Killed Mother

Lior Perelsztejn | Israel | 00:25:00 | 2022 Hebrew After a disappointing tour, Lior returns home for mandatory quarantine. He infects his mother with Covid-19 as his mental health destabilizes and the walls of solitude katabasing his world. Cast Lior Perelsztejn Hadas Neshser Perelsztejn Oded Geizhals Osant Markovitz Writer Lior Perelsztejn Producer Lior Perelsztejn Cinematography… Read more »

Kissed Away. The Empty Room (territories 2)

Diane Fellows | United States | 00:03:29 | 2022 English “Kissed Away. The Empty Room (territories 2)” is a self-portrait film. Composed of an archival 35mm self-portrait photograph, current digital images and text, the work is a tone poem reflection and meditation on the after-effects of breast cancer. Writer Diane Fellows Producer Diane Fellows WATCH… Read more »

Deoch Dance

Orlagh Heverin | Ireland | 00:11:34 | 2022 English Deoch Dance centers around Sheila who is weighed down from the effects of living with active addiction. Cast Catherine Donnelly Writer Orlagh Heverin Producer Orlagh Heverin WATCH NOW!! Viewing Instructions

Women in Parallel Empires

Tessa Brinckman | United States | 00:23:05 | 2022 English “Women in Parallel Empires” experimental music video re-assembles composer Cecile Chaminade’s work “Serenade to the Stars” (1911), addressing the concept of Empire in our lives and the wastefulness of technology, with humor and pathos. The film-makers invite the audience to listen to the score as… Read more »


J. F. Tannen | United States | 00:09:22 | 2022 A person finds themselves alone with a strange yet alluring machine and decides to experiment with it. CONTENT WARNING: Loud sounds and flashing images. Cast Cal Benn Writer J. F. Tannen Producer J. F. Tannen Crew Spencer Delorenzo David Andreadis WATCH NOW!! Viewing Instructions

Wild Horse Racing Doc.

Harlan Haceesa | United States | 00:12:04 | 2022 English Wild Horse Racing consists of three men team Mugger, Shankman and Rider. Object of the race first Team to Mugg and Saddle then ride it across the barrel. Writer Harlan Haceesa Producer Harlan Haceesa

In the Dead Park

Moritz Liewerscheidt | Germany | 00:08:13 | 2022 German Based on the poems of a writer in a small town in former West Germany (1949–1990), “In the Dead Park” paints the portrait of a society that has lost its language. Producer Moritz Liewerscheidt

The Hand Model’s Dilemma

Ed Quinn | United States | 00:10:25 | 2022 English A professional hand model loses his job, his self-identity, and his sanity after his right hand is damaged by a rival model. Cast Ed Quinn Ben Saylor Writer Ed Quinn Producer Ed Quinn

Two people will come, with balloons

Hadas Neuman | Israel | 00:11:22 | 2022 While her mother is undergoing surgery, the director documents her waiting-room experience, whimsically trying to control reality. Writer Hadas Neuman Producer Hadas Neuman WATCH NOW!! Viewing Instructions


Chris Roberts | United States | 00:03:33 | 2022 An experimental short film based around nature throughout a full year. Composer Chris Roberts WATCH NOW!! Viewing Instructions