Experimental cinema or avant-garde cinema is a mode of filmmaking that rigorously re-evaluates cinematic conventions and explores non-narrative forms and alternatives to traditional narratives or methods of working.

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The English film title, original title, country of origin and production year are listed. Foreign-language films are subtitled in English.

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SÈ “Un viaggio nel subconscio”

Jonathan Redavid | Italy | 00:07:40 | 2021 Italian A man begins his morning stroll to church. The same weekly visit suddenly feels different. Every day images begin to trigger an extraordinary trip, a daydreaming state that opens a door into the deep subconscious. This journey opens his eyes to the unfortunate realities of life… Read more »


Léo Bittencourt | Brazil | 00:19:00 | 2021 Portuguese The night side of a modernist icon. The fauna and flora of Roberto Burle Marx’s gardens inhabited by visitors to Parque do Flamengo while the city of Rio de Janeiro falls asleep. Cast Daniel dos Santos de Andrade Elisa Lucinda Gabriel Fernando de Castro Gleiton Matheus… Read more »


Laura Cappellesso | Italy | 00:42:38 | 2021 Italian A powerful, carved and majestic body: an old ash tree stands out in a boundless landscape. A tiny female presence emerges and disappears in the distance. The wind sways the treetops and moves the body of Luana, who is gracefully and sinuously dancing on a grassland…. Read more »


Diego Brazzo | United States | 00:04:20 | 2021 A young man tries to access his future through a virtual reality headset. Cast Greg Poppa Rachel Keefe


Lillian Carter | United States | 00:03:50 | 2021 “WOMAN” reveals the three archetypes that all women utilize throughout their lives. The Mother is Unconditional Love, The Hunter is search for the Truth and The Witch is Wisdom and Intuition. They are innate strengths we draw from to understand others decisions, resolutions and perspectives as… Read more »

We Agree on the Sun

Sarah Rosenthal | United States | 00:10:00 | 2021 English Poetry and movement combine to investigate the intersection of dance, somatic awareness, and houselessness. Writer Sarah Rosenthal Producer Sarah Rosenthal Film Director and Editor Jonah Belsky Amelia Tierney Dance and Choreography Director Ayana Yonesaka

Galaxy Love

Ryan Tian | United States | 00:01:49 | 2021 Galaxy Love is an experimental short film about two kinds of herb teas — butterfly pea and hibiscus as two characters, who are frozen by the ice force, have to break the ice prison and find each other across the galaxy to fulfil their mission. Cast… Read more »


Katerina Giannakopoulou | Greece | 00:04:08 | 2021 Modern Greek (1453-) “The Tragedy of Domna Visvizi,” is a multidisciplinary work of art combining the poetry of lyrics, music, dance, acting, cinematography and sound design to tell the story of the forsaken and forgotten Greek patriot and heroine Domna Visvizi from the time of her husband’s… Read more »

Possible Fragments

Gabriela Mellao | Brazil | 00:27:00 | 2021 Portuguese An ordinary love story in witch lonely lovers, at the same time free and imprisoned, flirt with memories of a life that never existed, in search of possible fragments of tenderness. Cast Eucir de Souza Clovys Tôrres Writer Gabriela Mellao Producer Gabriela Mellao


Kim Karpanty | United States | 00:01:00 | 2021 English CAUGHT by surprise? Rescued from falling? Either we coexist through resistance and division, or we pledge to support, connect and lift each other up. Producer Kim Karpanty Choreographer Kim Karpanty Production Editor Kim Karpanty Dancers Jasmine Perry Katie Scekeres Camera Conner Childers