Bumpy Rhodes


Patrick Coleman | United States | 00:16:40 | 2020

KENDRICK DRESDEN helps in a scheme to score drugs with his best friend DARRIN “BUMPY” RHODES, who is triggered to get high after finding out his girlfriend is his half-sister the day before his final drug test and parole hearing.
13 months sober, Darrin “Bumpy” Rhodes has worked diligently to sustain his sobriety since his release from jail. He has consistently met every stipulation mandated by the court including, maintaining steady employment and attending sobriety meetings. Bumpy’s dedication and commitment to his new way of living has given him the gumption and discipline to enter into a healthy and loving relationship with MALINA, the woman of his dreams. Bumpy is in love and loves life.
On the eve of Bumpy’s final, court mandated, drug test and release from probation his world implodes. Bumpy finds out that Malina, the love of his new life is his half-sister. BUMPY knew that his father was a philanderer, however he never thought it would reach back and disrupt his life in such a devastating way. The revelation of Bumpy and Malina being siblings, triggers Bumpy’s insatiable need to get high again.
Overwhelmed with grief and emotion, Bumpy turns to his best friend Kendrick for support. Kendrick, a substance abuser in his own right, is fully aware of Bumpy’s history and has unwaveringly supported his recent successes. Kendrick makes a sincere effort to convince Bumpy to resist his urge to get high for 24 hours; to abstain from using at least until after his final drug test and probation hearing. As fate would have it, Bumpy not only goes on the quest to get high he convinces Kendrick into helping to cultivate a shortsighted scheme to score drugs.

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Patrick Coleman

Patrick Coleman
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