[cthorsion scrypt fantomsens]


Chris Boyd | United Kingdom | 2015 | 5 m 28 s

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Excavating the intimate interrelations between writing and death, a virtual ka-mera scans a phantom shrouded figure in an anechoic chamber. Linear text bursts into an asignifying swarm where the letter C escapes and descends into a presignifying regime, breaks free from its carapace/shroud and mutates into primitive biological forms and mark making. “remarkable” “a poet in a frenzy” legendary director Werner Herzog “undisciplined genius” “one of our most important artists” controversial English art critic and media personality Brian Sewell “This is what I am talking about when I speak of “cyber anxiety.” The transhumanist movement wants to upload their consciousness to digital information. Can you imagine? This is what it would look like…binary code nightmare of a prison. TRON on LSD. I’d rather sit on the beach unplugged” Alexandra Nakelski, Director of Programming Norwich RFF.