In this silent film I visually and metaphorically explore the three distinct physical forms that matter can take: solid, liquid and gas.

In nature one state can transform into another by the addition of a catalyst such as fire. Fire generates heat that changes ice into liquid. If heat is continuously applied, the liquid becomes a gas.

Similarly, the temperament of a person can be ignited by introducing a catalyst such as anger, thus, transforming a (solid) calm state of being into a chaotic irrational one. The more anger that is applied, the greater the chance of a state change into gas (emotional discord, separateness, an explosion, a war).

I invite the viewer to consider identifying with the properties of water, our most important resource. A mountain stream supplies nourishment to the valley, rain cleans the environment, a good cry can release pent up emotions.

By choosing to be in a fluid state (like water) we can shift our perspective, expand love, gratitude and ultimately deepen our connection with each other and potentially save our planet.