Morning without Evening


Beate Petersen | Norway | 00:39:26 | 2023
English, Russian

Before the problem of death is solved, the Russian philosopher and librarian Nikolai Fedorovich Fedorov (1827–1903) believed, there will be no real solution to any social, economic, political, or philosophical question. He suggested that mankind should unite their efforts in what he called “the common task”: to convert tools of destruction into tools of salvation, bringing all those who have ever lived back to life. His ideas were deeply humanistic, and included all: the mighty and the weak, those from the present, and those from the past. «We shall not live for ourselves or for others, but with all, for all», he wrote.

The documentary Morning Without Evening places Fedorov’s vision of a man-made paradis in the context of a society characterized by tsarist brutality and revolutionary rumblings, and provides a historical background for structures and mindsets in the Russian culture, related to power and impotence, autocracy and utopia.

Beate Petersen

Beate Petersen

Raiavin Studio
Sare Shafipour

Animation executive producer
Moin Samadi

Alireza Asadi

Original music composed by
Milad Movahedi

Video Recordings
Beate Petersen

Script consultance
Kate Pendry

Kate Pendry

Orthodox hymns performed by
The church choir in Church of Archangel Michael
Yugo Zapadnaya

Archive photos by
N.F. Fedorov Museum and Library
Wikimedia Commons

Young man, beginning and end
Andrey Kozlov

Vlada Milovskaya
Anna Gorskaya

String section recorded at
Hayyam Studio
Istanbul / Sinan Sakızlı

Other Instruments recorded at
Saba Studio / Tehran
Kaveh Abedin

Music mixed and mastered at
Saba Studio / Tehran
Kaveh Abedin

Sound design, mixing, mastering
Armin Bahari

Sound (narration)
Bernt Syversen / Boom Bay


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