Films which awaken the human spirit, connect us to the one Source, or reveal the Dharma. These are films that lift the veil of familiarity between you and the world, revealing the beauty and mystery in the universe.

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The English film title, original title, country of origin and production year are listed. Foreign-language films are subtitled in English.

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Prophecy in action – Nostradamus on Turkey Quake

Shihyun Wang | United States | 00:11:40 | 2023 English Do you know Nostradamus warnedus about megas disasteron February 6. And we decided 4 months before the quake hit that Turkey may have a major quake similar to the 2004 Indonesia quake. Cast Ken Peters Writer Shihyun Wang Producer Shihyun Wang

Messages in 2023’s first 20 crop circles

Shihyun Wang | United States | 00:50:00 | 2023 English 20 Crop circles appeared from May 28 to July 16, 2023. The crop circles not only held alarming messages but many were fulfilled within days after the circles appeared. Cast Ken Peters Writer Shihyun Wang Producer Shihyun Wang


Steve Dawson | United States | 00:19:00 | 2023 A struggling painter loses his eyesight and the use of his hands in an accident, and in doing so, loses his faith. With the help of his best friend, he must find his faith to realize his new purpose in life. Cast James Duval Emma Reinagel… Read more »

A Time for Love: Something Beautiful

Dennis O’Neill | United States | 00:10:46 | 2023 English A TIME FOR LOVE – SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL: After a desperate call from his daughter about her mom pushed to the limits of depression, a pastor rushes home to his wife’s aid. He changes his podcast message to the subject of depression, balancing the topic of… Read more »


Steven C Shaffer | United States | 00:40:00 | 2023 English When a young attorney receives a sentence to hell, she demands an appeal. This sets her on a path of spiritual discovery, shepherded by three strangely familiar characters. Note that this is psychological and spiritually focused film, but definitely not a mainstream Christian film…. Read more »

Morning without Evening

Beate Petersen | Norway | 00:39:26 | 2023 English, Russian Before the problem of death is solved, the Russian philosopher and librarian Nikolai Fedorovich Fedorov (1827–1903) believed, there will be no real solution to any social, economic, political, or philosophical question. He suggested that mankind should unite their efforts in what he called “the common… Read more »

Psalms Microfilms – Cycle One

Jason Hildebrand, Tad Munnings | Canada | 00:23:36 | 2023 English As a culture, we are overwhelmed, anxious, and hungry for meaning. The ancient text of the Psalms create anchor moments for people in their day. Like a deep breath, each one is an invitation to connect with themselves and the Eternal. Award-winning media companies,… Read more »

The True Summit

Corban Robbe | United States | 00:30:00 | 2023 English This 30-minute documentary follows 14 men and mountaineer Kevin DeVries on a trek to EVEREST BASE CAMP as he prepares to climb in the region after a cardiac arrest. More than a hike in the Himalayas, THE TRUE SUMMIT calls men to the inward journey… Read more »


Lincoln Reed | United States | 00:07:08 | 2023 English When a bank robbery goes wrong, a desperate man must convince a confused priest to administer last rites. Cast Jordan Mullins Bobby Christman Writer Lincoln Reed Producer Lincoln Reed Director of Photography B.G. Moore Camera Operators B.G. Moore Adam Garner Niko Hays 2nd Assistant Camera… Read more »

Lucifer Speaks from The “I AM” movie

Daniel Glaser | United States | 00:05:00 | 2022 English The opening scene from the film in development, “The I AM”. This opening scene is powerful musical retelling of the confrontation between Lucifer and Christ. YESHUAH (Jesus), alone enters a barren, desolate wilderness in 1st century Israel. He fasts for 40 days in this unforgiving… Read more »