Pragati Kolage | India | 2017 | 2:00:00

Marathi with English Subtitles

A film, Palyadawasi, is based on the real fact of the hapless ‘Paradhi’ tribe in India that has been suffering from injustice by police and other elements of the society. Unfortunately, they still have to live on outskirts of town as they are hated and perspectives of people towards them as the thief hasn’t changed yet. The story is about the battle of Protagonist, who gets an education, becomes a policeman, and makes every effort to bring his tribe to the mainstream.

Vishwanath Kale
Pragati Kolage
Akash Banasode
Karteek Mane
Prateek Hange
Sohan Kambale
Vishal Deshmukh
Mukund Jadhav
Abhijeetsingh Herer

Pragati Kolage