Sacred! Music From The Heart


Ian Woodward | United Kingdom | 2017 | 12:00

“THE WORLD of American opera-singer-turned-priest Jim Watson is changed forever in Ian Woodward’s 2016 film I’LL WALK WITH GOD when wife-to-be Emma reveals the cruel fate that will overwhelm both their lives and that of Jim’s daughter, Holly. The film has been screened worldwide. Among its 30 awards have been those for Best International Musical Drama, Best Foreign Musical, Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and Best Choir. Now, in response to requests from film audiences and directors of international festivals, SACRED! MUSIC FROM THE HEART distills five of the best-loved and most inspirational songs from “I’ll Walk with God” into one glorious, continuous stream. It allows our eyes and ears to glory in the inspirational, uplifting beauty of “Ave Maria”, “Because God Made Thee Mine”, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, “The Lord’s Prayer” and “I’ll Walk With God”.

Norman Bowman
Virginia Byron
Claire Heverin
Natalie Anne Owen
Josã Castano
Joyce Agbonson
Lara Cooper-Chadwick
Anastasia Drew
Aude Florentin
Elisa Hayrapetyan
Daria King
Francesca Moran
Georgina Roberts
Laia Martinez Rubir
Bogna Bargiel
Sheila Barqueiro
Jason Holden
Helena Holmes
Aleida Izquierdo
Jason King
Alexander Lloyd
Alex Macino
Jacqueline Mccauley
Francesca Moran
Fiona Mulvaney
Laurence Nobes
Ellie Quinn
Paul Sawyers
Adam Sef
Shante Stephenson
Lottie Yinka

Ian Woodward

Ian Woodward