Sprint to the Past


Selkin Fedor | Russian Federation | 2015 | 14 m

Russian with English Subtitles

Feature short film “Sprint to the past ”- is the debut director’s project of Selkin Fedor.The film tells the story of one of the most beautiful sports-rowing, about the fate of its athletes and their memories in our days.It is the story about the three friends, their sporting rivalry in the early 1980es and about the situation in the sport in our days.The story in the film is narrated on behalf of the main character – Oleg. At the beginning of the film we see the life in rowing club and the academy rowing championship. We see the struggle between Sergey, Denis and Oleg in this competition, which was at the beginning of Oleg sports career. After he becomes a great sportsman, winner of Olympic games. Oleg have traveled a lot and was working as a coach in different countries. In our days he is deciding to come back to his homeland. And what he is seeing is disgusting. The most popular and old rowing clubs are closed. He is meeting with his old friends. Sergey is a rich businessman, Denis is a common guard at the gate. After that Oleg is coming to his native rowing club and gets the proposal to become a coach.


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