Viewing Instructions

Step By Step Film Screening & Voting Directions

1) Visit a film’s Information page

2) Scroll to the bottom of the page, just below the Film Synopsis and click the black & blue “Watch Now” button.

3) After clicking that button, you will be taken to a page that will need you to enter all payment information. Once you have entered your payment information, along with reading and agreeing to our website’s Terms and Conditions, simply click Pink/Lavender “PLACE ORDER” button at the bottom of the Payment page.

If you are not redirected after placing order:

a) Your payment information is incorrect.
b) The billing address for your credit card is incorrect.
c) You failed to check the box at the bottom of the payment page agreeing to our website’s Terms and Conditions.

4) Once you have completed Step 3, you will be automatically redirected to your “ORDER RECEIVED” page. Simply click the Pink/Lavender button under the headline of Download, and to the right of the page, and you will automatically be taken to the page where you can screen the film that you just purchased a virtual ticket for.

Please keep in mind that the film will not automatically start to play, you will need to press the play button. If you would like to watch the film in full screen, simply click the “full screen” button on the bottom of the player and the film should open in full screen.

6) Directly below the film player, you will see a LARGE image that states “Vote Now” for the Audience Award, and just below that you will see a link for the “Voting Rules”. Once you have read and understood those rules, close that window and click the “Vote Now” image.

7) After clicking the “Vote Now” image, you will be taken to the voting form. Simply fill out the very short form, once done, click the black “Submit” button, and your screening and voting experience will be successfully completed.