About Us

Indiflixx.com is the ultimate film festival screening platform that is designed to give the Independent Filmmaker the most exposure with the greatest reach of worldwide viewers, with the most secure and convenient Virtual Theater system on the web.

Indiflixx.com has dedicated itself to providing the best festival experience for the Independent Filmmaker with the most positive opportunities available, while offering the Independent Filmmaker a platform for their work that is better than any other screening platform available in the world today.

Now for the first time in film festival history, Independent Filmmakers can receive benefits and exposure far beyond anything that has ever existed, through a system that is revolutionizing the film festival industry.

Though countless other festivals such as the Sundance Film Festival and Tribeca Film Festival are now attempting to duplicate both the world wide exposure to Filmmaker’s projects, and the virtual theatre experience, Indiflixx.com still remains the first and only online screening platform to be able to offer the films in a virtual theatre setting that is the most secure for the Filmmaker’s film.

The vision of Indiflixx.com is to be the single best on-line destination for new and veteran independent filmmakers, providing them with the best opportunities and services to showcase their projects, while offering independent film lovers the world over the best, most diversified and compressive collection of independent films in the world.

Indiflixx.com is different from its chief competitors because we offer a unique method of viewing films in an online format that is more convenient, more user friendly, and above all else, much more secure than any of our competitors.

Indiflixx.com is quickly becoming the world’s premier online film festival screening platform, presenting independent films from the most innovative filmmakers in the world, offering filmmakers and audiences alike the future of independent film screenings.

Much like the digital technology that has swept independent film festivals throughout the world since the early 2000s, for many reasons the virtual theater is quickly becoming the first, best choice for festivals, and the new home of Independent film screenings worldwide.

Indiflixx.com showcases the latest in animation, documentary, comedy, drama, and more, featuring award-winning short and feature length films, along with the freshest films from the world’s most talented emerging filmmakers, and the best veteran filmmakers as well.

Now, and for the first time, independent filmmakers and fans can come together in one virtual place to watch and enjoy the films worldwide on the go, from work, and from the comfort of their own homes. In this technologically advanced world we live in, where communication and convenience MUST be at the tips of our fingers, we knew this was the next evolution in film festivals.

Since launching Indiflixx.com we have gained huge popularity among the film viewing public and filmmakers, not to mention production houses and distributors because they no longer have to travel to find the next film that will make Hollywood sit up and take notice. In this day and age, convenience is the name of the game, especially for the independent film industry.

Unlike other online screening platforms, films that are showcased through our virtual theatre cannot be downloaded, the films HAVE NO EMBEDDING CODE and our HTML code if copied and pasted, the films will not play, therefore they CANNOT be placed on other websites.

The only time and place they can be viewed is in our festival. In short, we have gone to great lengths to set this system up to protect the safety and security of each filmmaker’s film always keeping the filmmaker in mind. Basically, it is just as secure as a brick and mortar theater screening, only much better.

You hear so much about the environment and global warming it got us thinking. When you realize how much power is used during a film festival, electricity for the building, natural gas for heat and the gasoline the people use to get to the fest, it leaves one hell of a carbon footprint.

By offering filmmakers and indie film lovers the opportunity to screen and enjoy the best and most exciting new films the world has to offer in a completely safe, and innovative format , Indiflixx.com actually helps cut down on greenhouse gases and is the most environmentally safe way to watch a film.

As a State-Of-The-Art online screening platform and virtual theatre system, Indiflixx.com is offering festivals worldwide the opportunity to give the filmmakers who participate in their festival the most possible exposure for their film, and in the safest possible way.

Indiflixx.com is the future of independent film festival screenings, and the new standard in independent film presentation. Just as Texas Instruments revolutionized film screenings with their DLP® Technology at the turn of the Century, Indiflixx.com is bringing the evolution of film presentation to the world today.