The Lost Scene


Maggie Roback | United States | 00:45:01 | 2021

As filmmaker Maggie Roback moved through life one question kept emerging in her head: where did all the bands go? She had heard many stories over the years of the once very active and vibrant local music scene in her hometown of Adrian, Michigan, which she never had the chance to experience herself. A scene and community once full of young bands virtually disappeared as these members grew up, moved on, venues closed, and the next generation did not continue to rally together around music and live events. Through interviews and archived materials, the film documents the lost scene of Adrian speculates as to why it disappeared, and asks: could the scene come back, and if so, how?
During the first decade of the new millennium, the music scene raged on. From about 2002-2011 punk/metal/hardcore bands emerged and dominated the scene, taking over community venues, battle of the bands contests, talent shows, and even birthday parties. Now, most community venues sit empty or closed, and annual events have been discontinued. The people that were involved in the lost music scene of Adrian remember it fondly and miss being a part of it all. Which once again brings up the question of what happened to this community and culture? Some answers are found as a new generation attempts to revive the scene.

Maggie Roback