The Power of Connection – Change The World By Changing Your Perception


Isabel Hundt | United States | 01:04:00 | 2021

The Power of Connection is a documentary that explores the layers that comprise human connection, as well as connection to the divine and even the natural world around us.

Through stories and metaphors, sociologist Isabel Hundt examines how our thoughts determine our ability or inability to experience the meaningful connection for which every human being is wired.
Beginning with her own story of a relationship that ended unnecessarily, she explored the emotions and conflicting messages that come with labels, unconscious bias, and a fictional identity she felt compelled to protect.

The Power of Connection metaphorically opens doors to shed light on the ways we can alter our social programming, expectations, judgments, conditioning, and emotions to experience the energetic phenomenon of authentic, loving connection with all of humanity.

Isabel’s unique gift of synesthesia – the ability to see energy in color – combined with a fascinating case study experiment, reveals the way energies between people can become entwined, even among strangers. This study illustrates how even through eye contact, the windows of the soul can become attuned to other people and to the divine design that connects every living thing.

A call to self-awareness and curiosity, The Power of Connection leaves viewers with simple but powerful tools to identify and alter the thought patterns that create disconnection – even within religious institutions and church communities.

Ellen Gerstein
Lisa Richards

Isabel Hundt
Emily Sutherland
Cat Anderson

Isabel Hundt

Tony Williams
Kaleb Giddens

Illustrator/ Artist
Junior – Not Exodus6000

2D/ 3D Animator
Kelly Yang

Erin Williams