The Role of Della


Andrew Gallerani | United States | 2015 | 17:00


When young ELIZABETH, recently relocated to the big city, arrives late for her first major audition at a highly regarded theater company, she expects to give it her all and do her very best. What she didn’t expect was coming face to face with EMMA, the Casting Director from hell. Emma insults Elizabeth, interrupts her readings, questions her truthfulness, her resume, even her talent and basically tortures her throughout a grueling audition. Hurt, frustrated, humiliated and on the verge of tears, Elizabeth finally questions why Emma is being so mean. What Elizabeth couldn’t possibly know, is that Emma has a hidden agenda, an agenda that will become clear in the end.

Julie Roy
Chalah Horsdal
Briana Rayner

John Wooten
Andrew Gallerani

Melodie Woods