Top Row


Karin Argoud | United States | 2017 | 18:05

Every student should have a place in High School where they can be free to be themselves… And for a teenage boy that means a place where they can be free of the shackles that our culture imposes on them to, “show no emotions – suck it up- be cool” At Napa High School, in Napa California, a teacher named Travis Rogers has created that magical place for over 37 years ago in a class for freshman boys. Step inside what has become the coolest class on campus – the Freshman’s Mens Choir.

… The film follows Travis and the progress and development of these 14-15-year-old freshman boys in choir class from January to the March 20th Spring competition performance. Imagine 70 boys in one class- some who have never sung a note in their lives, some who don’t really know how to sing, or, think singing is for sissies- and watch them become seasoned choral performers and in the process find community and comradery, and a safe place on campus where everyone is accepted. Watch as the boys compete like athletes on the playing field of chorus risers to take top row and expose their souls through singing, and find a love for and joy in music. Their voices will reach into your soul and uplift your heart.

Travis Rogers and 70 freshman high school choir boys

Karin Argoud