Undulation Of The I


The main characters in the movie are Bit and Maja. Bit is a physicist working on his PhD. He is struggling to understand the ultimate nature of reality. Maja is a young self-confident photographer, trying to capture beauty and to see beyond human masks. Bit and Maja meet one day in a pub; they fall in love and spend a night together. After that night Bit returns to his studies and pays no attention to Maja.
As he is making all his efforts to understand just with the mind, neglecting emotions and instinct, he is driven to the edge of insanity. Meanwhile Maja doesn’t understand how come that Bit is ignoring her. She felt the joy of being connected, but now she is experiencing emptiness and sadness; wandering what can she do, if anything at all.
In the process Maja has to let go her attachment to emotion and find the real cause of her suffering. Bit has to experience all the confusion of the mind, the fear of seeing himself as he is, and finally let go of attachment to concepts.