Comedy is a genre of film in which the main emphasis is on humour. These films are designed to make the audience laugh through amusement and most often work by exaggerating characteristics for humorous effect. Films in this style traditionally have a happy ending (black comedy being an exception). One of the oldest genres in film, some of the very first silent movies were comedies, as slapstick comedy often relies on visual depictions, without requiring sound. When sound films became more prevalent during the 1920s, comedy films took another swing, as laughter could result from burlesque situations but also dialogue.

Comedy, compared to other film genres, puts much more focus on individual stars, with many former stand-up comics transitioning to the film industry due to their popularity. While many comic films are lighthearted stories with no intent other than to amuse, others contain political or social commentary.

U.S. and foreign films

The English film title, original title, country of origin and production year are listed. Foreign-language films are subtitled in English.

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Rockland Relay

Maura Smith | United States | 00:14:49 | 2021 English Rockland Relay follows Rachel, a young girl whose parents move her across the country just as she is about to start high school. Rachel finds herself stuck in a new town with no friends and only her snotty older sister to talk to. Quickly, Rachel… Read more »

My Nigga White Jesus

Julius Jefferson | United States | 00:18:02 | 2021 English During a period of unprecedented racial and socio-political unrest, a group of young black men struggle with ignoring all of that as they chill with a very affable deity. Cast Obi Ehn Justin Armonia Giovanni Mwesigwa Michael Flowers Julius Dolls Cameron Davis Nate Barksdale Nancy… Read more »

Pretty Metal

Mikhail Tot | United States | 00:10:49 | 2021 English A female-centric dramatic comedy that has garnered over 40 awards in 8 different countries since its completion in January, 2021. PRETTY METAL contains stellar performances and high production value. Audiences will be amazed to learn that this film was made in July 2020, during the… Read more »

Mid Life Conversations

Maria Filippone | United States | 00:18:38 | 2021 English When a wife realizes her husband is living out his dream as a stand up comic, she feels that she has lost her purpose. Cast Gina Scarda Frank Failla Jim Scheller Writer Maria Filippone Producer Maria Filippone

Thumb War!

Lilly Nelson | United States | 00:57:03 | 2021 Christopher Guest would be proud of this mockumentary about competitive Thumb Wrestling! Cast Lilly Nelson Amy Paquette Erin Wenger Guy Beretich Shannon Hutchinson Miles Snow Writer Lilly Nelson Producers Amy Paquette Joya Joseph Guy Beretich Ashleigh Eason Erin Wenger Emily Hershey

Spoken Word Coffee Date

Kara Addington | United States | 00:07:51 | 2021 English A man and woman meet for a date at a coffee shop. Poetry ensues. Cast Diane Chernansky Ashford J. Thomas Carlos Vasquez Writer Diane Chernansky Producers Diane Chernansky Junko Goda

The Miracle Cure

Joanna Lee Ramos | United States | 00:06:17 | 2021 English The Tramp gets himself into trouble when he takes a child’s homemade medicine. Cast Joanna Lee Ramos PITA Heather Martin Jacob Ramos Nadia Hammer Writer Dana Hammer Producers Dana Hammer Joanna Ramos


Rob Torres | United States | 00:13:00 | 2021 English A screw up uncle returns home to get his life together but soon realizes he has to get in order more than his own life. Co-director Michael L. Walker Cast Victor Cruz Robert Torres Writer Rob Torres

Dracula On Holiday

Robbie Moffat | United Kingdom | 01:30:00 | 2021 English Travelling from Transylvania to Scotland by train, the Count’s companion Lucy and their man servant Renfield manage to surprise the Count with accommodation in a humble dwelling that is very different to his usual habitation at Borgo Castle. They try and help him step out… Read more »

The SloFunkPump Show – Ep 1 + 3

SloFunkPump | United States | 00:40:00 | 2021 English Laugh along as SloFunkPump plans his next big live show in Hollywood! Meet the hip bandmates and zany characters that will be part of the grand opening show at his cousin Jimmy’s gourmet fresh fish restaurant! Each episode features a contest between two performers — musicians,… Read more »