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Staying Afloat

Robert Enriquez | United States | 00:10:30 | 2023 English Gina and Robbie, an eclectic couple struggling to “stay afloat” whilst living on a sailboat in an expensive beachside town, get a taste of how the other half lives when they housesit for a successful businessman. Cast Autumn Harrison Matt Hudacs Robert Enriquez Writer Amber… Read more »


Paul C Hemmes | United States | 01:30:00 | 2023 English Maya, a shape shifting soul collector seeks to lead a group of unsuspecting non-believers into the afterlife. As space and time become a blurred mirror of reality and Maya’s mysterious abilities take on a dark and ominous tone, fear becomes the only key to… Read more »


Natalie Gilles, Nick Thaman | United States | 00:09:35 | 2023 English A young man’s life is changed after he discovers he has won the lottery at a family dinner. Ryan keeps this information to himself as he converses with his family. However, in an effort to make his family take him seriously, he reveals… Read more »

The family Roots

Shihyun Wang | Taiwan | 00:15:00 | 2023 Chinese An animated tale of how a family moved to Taiwan over a 5000 year journey. Cast Shihyun Wang Kenneth HO Writer Shihyun Wang Producer Shihyun Wang

A Slice of Heaven

David Wittkower | United States | 00:09:00 | 2023 English A relationship between a Sugar Daddy and his young girlfriend turns sour. Based on an actual incident. Cast Taylor Eden Craig Marvin Warren Manegan Cecillia Bryant Defecio Stoglin Suzanne Potrock Rhoda Pell Writer David Wittkower Producers David Wittkower Greg Martin

The Catastrophe

Kendall Christianson | United States | 00:19:40 | 2023 English In an attempt to win the love of the newly single Julia on her birthday, a series of hilarious and unfortunate events ensue resulting in an unexpected death. Now the two rivals must fix the debacle while simultaneously competing for Julia’s affections. Cast Samuel Martin… Read more »


Moritz Steiger | Greece | 00:03:54 | 2023 Quaranta is a lament on the segregation and control of people for ‘the good’ of the establishment. Cast Pnokio simph0nik

Encore Learning, 20 years and Growing

sheri ratick stroud, Rich West | United States | 00:15:39 | 2023 English Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Encore Learning, lifelong learning for those over 50. Writer Rich West Producers sheri ratick stroud Rich West Editor Rich West


Tanner Bushell | Canada | 00:03:59 | 2023 English, Spanish Tasked with looking after his dad’s dog, a young man ends up scouring the neighborhood thinking it ran away. Cast Tanner Bushell Writer Tanner Bushell Producer Tanner Bushell Director of Photography Ros Sopheap Production Assistant/ Boom Operator Jagdeep Grewal Editor/ 1 Assistant Camera Tyler Tanner… Read more »


Lauren Nicole Dreyfus | United States | 00:19:34 | 2023 English A soldier from a dystopian timeline is sent back on a mission to prevent the creation of robots who took control and destroyed his world. When he returns to 2015 and meets Anna Rubinson, the inventor of said robots, he must overcome the difficulty… Read more »