Suez Taylor | United States | 2015 | 9 m

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“The first water that a baby knows is in the womb of a woman.” This film documents Winona LaDuke — native leader and Harvard trained economist — as she travels with her fellow Anishanaabe (Ojibwe) to harvest indigenous rice and defend her community from a series of tarsands oil pipelines threatening her native food supply. The midwestern north-lands of the United States are an ancient aquatic environment. Today, they supply abundant wild food to first-nation peoples, and others across the country; generating sustainable employment and nourishment. Yet, Enbridge company – responsible for the largest oil spill in U.S. history – poses an imminent threat to that Ecosystem. As Winona believes women embody the earth, and are responsible for the water, she is leading the charge to confront spurious business-as-usual. Travel with her as she battles the largest pipeline company in the world to spare one of America’s largest freshwater resources. “Our prophecies say this is the time of the seventh fire, and we will have the choice between two paths. This one path is about life, the other path will kill us.” Watch FOOD + WATER | EARTH

Winona LaDuke


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