Bohdan Turok | Canada | 2017 | 8:49

As soon as two angels of death, Azrael and Morena, crawl out of the ocean and gain the strength to stand, they hone in on their first targets; a collapsed man beyond resuscitation, a woman taking her own life, a newborn choking in its sleep. They carry out their mission with a cold and distant detachment until Azrael becomes inquisitive. He examines an elderly man crawling to his inevitable death and wonders about that man’s desperate desire for life.

Something new is born inside of Azrael. He feels pain for the man and grieves the man’s life. He questions his own purpose. Morena senses the change in Azrael and without hesitation moves to rectify the mutation.

As Azrael watches an elderly woman gardening, he sees her and feels her life “her being. She’s no longer an “it’s” a thing to terminate. He beholds her being. He sees her as a “thou”.

Once more he attempts to carry out his purpose, but something has changed. He’s no longer able to take her soul. Horrified and vulnerable, he suddenly sees Morena standing next to him. She reaches for his face, and as with other humans before, she takes his newly awakened soul. Azrael falls to his death. Morena turns to the gardener and finishes what Azrael was unable to do. In the final moment, Morena turns directly towards us, the viewer, and waits for our time to come.

Jacob Wiebe
Katie Miller

Bohdan Turok

Bohdan Turok